Thursday, December 25, 2008

31 weeks! Christmas Day!

So here is an updated pic for those who asked, don't mind the awesome swollen and bloatedness of a body this third time around! By the way we STILL DONT HAVE NAME YET! And if you know me thats a little odd by this time around, usually it would be all planned out! Any ideas would be great! Its a little hrd though, cause it needs to be hawaiian, there are only 12 letters in their language and it cannot start with a K! YA, ITS NOT EASY!

There are a couple other picture posts of what we have been up to these last few weeks! Sorry I don"t have much to say with them, they kinda explain themselves!

Kaiahna's Christmas Dance Recital!

Snow Days!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Preggo Pic

Here is like the only pic I have taken recently and its on my phone in the bathroom not very artistic but hey its somethng! I took it to send to my bestie in Arizona!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Fav Baby gift!

So I have been making names for friends new babies for a while now, and I love making them cause each one gets to be so different based on the nursery so here was my latest I did for a friend of mine! The babies room is Teal, Brown and Pink, and I had a lot of fun using the modge podge stuff this time!

Here a couple other ones Ive done in this past year!

I have done boys names too, I just dont have the pics on my computer at the moment!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What A Scare!

So Sunday evening came and it was a very chill day after a VERY crazy and stressful week and our family was doing great with getting dinner done at 6, kids bathed, teeth brushed and ready for bed, when Kawika was in Kai's bed reading to her I was folding laundry and putting it all away when I felt really wet! Ya know the weird like OK I'm pregnant, and its wasn't a loose bladder thing, so I went in to the bathroom to "clean up" and the next thing I see is bright red blood and I freaked out! I'm only 16 weeks pregnant and I know blood isn't really a good thing! So I called the doc, and had to go into the ER last night. My mom came over and stayed with the kids and we were on our way, and wow was I scared.

The whole drive there i was numb! So we finally get in and I get the IV, blood tests done, I get a vaginal exam and then an ultrasound done. It was so hard waiting for the ultrasound cause all I wanted to see was the heart beat~So FINALLY we went in and sure enough the baby was kicking around and the I once I saw the heart beat and from there I was good! but still there was no answer for the bleeding. So eventually the doctor came in and told me I have partial placenta previa! Which is when the placenta is laying over the cervix, but they also said the beleeding didn't have anything to do with the Previa! Seriously!? Why isn't there an answer for that? Its kind of annoying!
So I am now on modified bed rest and If you know me, thats not in my vocabulary, Kawika is home today with me to help out and let me rest! So for now I cant do much of anything, that I would like to do! Tomorrow I see the OB doctor and find out some more info on all of this and Ill keep you updated, but if anyone has some advice or info let me know! Its all new to me!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mommy Daughter Date

Kaiahna and I went on a date a couple weeks back, and we went to the ceramics place cause Kai loves to paint so here are the products of what we picked! I thought I would share!

Kai's Balllet slippers!

My fancy plate!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heres to us babe..

Today is our 6 year wedding anniversary! Kawika and I have been together almost seven but today was the day we originally got married! Court house and all! Here are some old pics of us dating and on our actual wedding day! They are pretty funny!

I love you babe! What a journey its been!









Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Projects...dun dun duh...

So if you are wondering what this pile of wood is...well its a purple end table that my dear husband had to save from our dumpster like 3 months ago! He has been promising me he is going to refinish it but it has been haunting me at home sitting in our living room. its out there to remind him to actuallly do it but i couldnt stand it any more! I have almost thrown it back without telling him a couple times now! So, finally i went and bought all the stuff for him to do it and yet it is still sitting there, hence this picture that is in my kitchen...

As you can see there is all the stuff in pile on the left, and then we come to project number two! The canvas that is on the right laying against the fridge, that is Hailey and Rhian's birthday present. their birthday was in June! My husband is an awesome artist and he was suppossed to paint this poem thing for their bedroom and it is yes, still sitting here! I cant tell you how many times I have asked him to do these things but i finally gave up! If I could paint, trust me it would have been done on the day of their party! So Girls I promise it will get done someday!

So hopefully I will be able to post pics of both these items all done

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Only a Dream!

So I have finally got some energy back ad am hoping it will stay! The sick part though is still following me around though. I have missed blogging and am excited to get back into it! So I went to do something to get my mind off of being sick!

My mom and I went to the street of dreams this last weekend and it was really cool! She is in the process of building her and my dads, dream home for them and she wanted to go get some cool ideas! We wanted to check out what the latest fads were in kitchens and bathrooms and stuff cause My mom and i are basically doing this all for the first time! So we made it a date day for us, it was really cool!

At first, I have to say it was little hard for me to be in these homes and really believe that people live in these things. It was a little overwhelming to be honest! Really does someone need that big of a house? I guess it is coming from me, who is in her third apartment and is really hoping to get our first home here soon, which will nothing like those mansions! I never expected to ever live in a home like that one but it sure did put things in perspective for me!

So after the second house, I started to turn my jealousy into motivation to do something more in my life than be just a mom. I know that is important especially right now but I cant wait to find something that I'm passionate about to help bring in some income to work towards a goal. It really inspired me to fight and work hard for the things that I want to give my family!

So here is few pics of our fave things there! This one particularly is one my mom and I had good laugh at!

Its an eight person foot massage bath, it was huge and it was of course out on the patio overlooking all of Portland it was pretty awesome!

And here's my cute mom in a really sweet bathroom set up we thought was pretty interesting!

So the conclusion to this is that I will probably never live in something like these homes but Im sure glad that we have opportunities to experience a life we may never know! Thanks mom!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sick and Tired : (

Wow, well I've missed writing on here but right around six weeks i started getting really sick! This little babe of mine is really taking it ALL out of me! I was a little sick with my son but not like this! 90% of what I eat I see later in the bathroom and every morning i wake up and throw up spit and snot! Sorry if its a little graphic but man, I have been so tired too! I'm sure it has to do with having my other two kids to take care of too but, I have not been the woman I know! My poor husband has not had a good cooked dinner from me in a while and my kids are going nuts here at home, its summer and their mom cant get off the couch! What's up with all that! The other new thing that i hate, is i'm spitting all the time! I produce so much saliva constantly what's the deal with that! pregnancy is so weird, but so awesome at the same time! I just cant wait till the next trimester, i hope my life gets back to normal! Well hopefully I will write more on here again soon! But for now Im just updating on the pregnancy!

Friday, June 20, 2008

~We Did It~

So...We did it! Were pregnant, again! And yes, I know It's really early and some of you are probably wondering why Im going public so soon! But I thought about it, and I really want enjoy EVERY moment of this pregnancy, cause Kawika says its the last one! So... my reasoning is, that I'm the type where I like to share everything that is gong on in my life. The ups and the downs, and even if something bad happens, I'm enjoying these early moments and I'm sharing with people I care about, and if you know me I cant keep things in very well!

Im really focusing on being healthy for this one, I really don't want to be huge and look like I have had three kids, so here it goes, what and adventure it will be, beIng pregnant again and probably for the last time! I love being pregnant and I love to know everything about babies and pregnancy so Im really excited for another big chapter in our lives!

Monday, June 16, 2008

~Proud Mommy~

So this last month has been a whirlwind when it comes to my daughter Kaiahna! She turned 5 in April and has recently graduated from preschool! Wow, I cant believe its been 5 years since I had my little baby girl! She is so smart and she cant wait to go to kindergarden next year! Im so very proud of her for becoming such a wonderful little woman!
I am also very proud of her because she had her first dance recital on sat where she did a ballet routine and a tap routine! It was the cutest thing ever and she did so awesome! She had a smile upon her face for days! I think she really loves being on the stage performing, dressing up and dancing! It made my heart so warm to see her that happy! she really loves dancing! For me that is huge, I used to be dancer and I Love that she loves it just as I did! I only have to make sure that I never push her to do it if she doesnt want to, but for know Im enjoying every moment!

Friday, June 13, 2008

~Weight loss~

I have gotten to the point again where I am not happy with my weight! I let myself get to a certain point and then I work out and try and eat right, but then end right back to where I started and I'm totally sick of it!  I have figured out that I have an issue with being motivated. I have pretty strong will power in most things in life, but not when it come to my body. For some reason I just cant loose this wait! A lot of it is mental and I think I need some kind of a goal or something! I ESPECIALLY have to loose weight if I want another baby! I will not allow my self to get bigger after having a third, something has to change! 

So..... My new plan, I am really watching what I eat 6 small meals a day, Kawika i going to start working out with me in the mornings! Jillian Michael's one day, and inhale Yoga the next! Jillian is a fitness guru that really kicks my butt on her dvd and Steve Ross teaches a yoga class on T.V. called Inhale, and I love my yoga time! It really helps me with de-stressing, my back problems and my posture, not to mention I feel amazing after I do it!

Along with my diet I really hope to at least loose 15 pounds! My ultimate goal would be 20 or 25, but I'm not sure Ill ever be the weight i was in high school again! I guess I feel like 20 pounds is so not doable! I don't know all I know is I have to do it and I need to change my attitude! If anyone has any ideas for a long term goal or a way to stay motivated let me know please!!!!! Thanks for reading! Sorry no pics but you probably don't want to see the beginning picture of me in a swimsuit before I lose all the weight! You can look at at Jillian Instead!Jillian <span class=

Monday, June 9, 2008

~He's Amazing~

So I wanted to say few things about my wonderful husband, Kawika. I feel so lucky everyday to have him as my partner in life! I dont tell him enough how much I appreciate everything he does and has done for our Family! He loves me unconditionally everyday and always tells me or shows me, and for that I love him even more! He knows exactly how To love me and deal with my craziness! He is one amazing father to our kids and Im just so blessed to have him! God for sure knew what he was doing when he put him into my life, which reminds me to keep having faith in God with everything else in my life! He gave me an amazing guy and amazing kids so I know he has more wonderful things in store for me!

 Did I also mention that he is an amazing artist! He is very humble about it but I love his art work and Il show it off for him! Here is a few things he has done! They are the only ones I have pics of for now!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

~It's About Time~

For a while now I have been really wanting to explore my passion for music  more... I guess you could say I'm wanting to finally do something for ME... not in the selfish way but I have buried what I love to do..(besides being a wife and a mother) I used to be a lot more passionate about the arts, especially music and dance and its really hard to keep those things at the surface when you become a mom. Believe me I wouldn't trade caring for my children for anything in the world but there comes a time when you need to dig up those THINGS that really make you.. well YOU! I cant deny the yearning for music anymore... yes.. i sing at church and occasionally for a wedding but that is not what gives me an experience like no other.

 What I'm taking about is playing an instrument, specifically the piano, even the guitar  (in time) lol! I can see myself learning something so beautiful and mixing it with writing and singing...uuhhh! I don't know i am just yearning for it so badly, I cant really explain it! I can almost see this picture in my head of me on stage or in my living room playing and singing a song that I wrote or a song I love and the feeling i have is indescribable! Its hard to see myself feeling something I don't think I have ever felt before, its kinda strange, but I do know that I cant wait to explore it! The big thing holding me back, is of course money, I need a piano to actually learn on, and that my friends, cost some dough! Ill tell you this though I am making it a priority to budget for it somehow, because the longer I wait the more time passes without me doing something that may make huge difference in my life! 

God gave  me this "gift" you would call singing and having a heart and ear for music. so.. there is nothing that will keep me for experiencing the that unknown language, that stuff that makes you feel a way you cant feel any other way, that chill up spine, those goosebumps, that bringing an emotion from inside literally to life! That.... my passion MUSIC!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

~Number 3~

So... Kawika and I are officially trying this week to make our third baby! We have been talking about it for some time now and I'm so excited! We actually tried last month but I think we started a little late and missed when I ovulated. So technically this is month two! It is actually a very tricky thing... getting pregnant, I got pregnant so easy with my first two I was expecting to do it again on the first try. I was so adamant about having a baby in feb and was so sure that I think God purposely kept me from getting pregnant the first time to remind me that I am not in control! So here is hoping this time it will stick! My due date will be Feb 28th if it works and if it doesn't its ok, cause we will do it again! Let me tell ya Kawika doesn't mind the work at all!  HINT HINT! So I will keep you updated as soon as I know!

Friday, May 30, 2008


I have never been so breathless watching someone dance! Dancing is a huge passion of mine. I used to dance in high school and I coached for a while and there is nothing else in this world that my heart desires to do again more than dance. When I saw this man dance last night I was speechless, I starred with my jaw dropped thinking, THAT IS DANCING! Leaving his heart there on the floor, his technique was impeccable his strength  was unmatchable and he just floated across the floor with such grace! AMAZING! The music he chose was perfect for what he performed, it was...breathtaking! He is my absolute favorite. He better go very far and I cant wait until MIA MICHEALS gets her hands on him! Yeah!!!!!! I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~My Pride & Joy~

So I want to just say how much I love my kids! They are literally the lights of my life! I have never felt more complete in my life. 

Kaiahna is my pride! She is smart, funny, and a total girly girl. She loves dancing, which Im so excited about, and she is my little helper with everything. She loves
 reading and painting like her daddy and she has such an imagination. My favorite time with her is when I just lay in bed with her at night and we just talk about anything and everything, it can be serious or funny but it always makes my heart smile when she opens up to me! I love it when I look at her realize that she is becoming more and more like a little women. She is going to be an amazing wife and mother some day.

And then there is Makani! He is my Joy! I have never laughed so much
watching a child play or smile. He loves me just as much as I love him and he shows me every day! I still treat him like he is my little baby, but I am realizing he is becoming such a person and its so fun to watch him grow.He is my little drummer, he is an amazing golfer just like daddy. He loves to rock out on the guitar and throw a football and I cant wait to see him grow into an amazing man!
All I know is that I love being a mom and I would never exchange it for anything in the world. My kids are getting older and we have so many new things we are going to experience in the near future. I cant wait to see them become adults and I'm so excited to see who they become. God has blessed me with two angels that have brought me great happiness.

Monday, May 26, 2008

~The Beginning~

Well, here it is! My first posting! Im so glad I finally did it! Come back soon for updates and pics!