Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sick and Tired : (

Wow, well I've missed writing on here but right around six weeks i started getting really sick! This little babe of mine is really taking it ALL out of me! I was a little sick with my son but not like this! 90% of what I eat I see later in the bathroom and every morning i wake up and throw up spit and snot! Sorry if its a little graphic but man, I have been so tired too! I'm sure it has to do with having my other two kids to take care of too but, I have not been the woman I know! My poor husband has not had a good cooked dinner from me in a while and my kids are going nuts here at home, its summer and their mom cant get off the couch! What's up with all that! The other new thing that i hate, is i'm spitting all the time! I produce so much saliva constantly what's the deal with that! pregnancy is so weird, but so awesome at the same time! I just cant wait till the next trimester, i hope my life gets back to normal! Well hopefully I will write more on here again soon! But for now Im just updating on the pregnancy!