Friday, August 29, 2008

Mommy Daughter Date

Kaiahna and I went on a date a couple weeks back, and we went to the ceramics place cause Kai loves to paint so here are the products of what we picked! I thought I would share!

Kai's Balllet slippers!

My fancy plate!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heres to us babe..

Today is our 6 year wedding anniversary! Kawika and I have been together almost seven but today was the day we originally got married! Court house and all! Here are some old pics of us dating and on our actual wedding day! They are pretty funny!

I love you babe! What a journey its been!









Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Projects...dun dun duh...

So if you are wondering what this pile of wood is...well its a purple end table that my dear husband had to save from our dumpster like 3 months ago! He has been promising me he is going to refinish it but it has been haunting me at home sitting in our living room. its out there to remind him to actuallly do it but i couldnt stand it any more! I have almost thrown it back without telling him a couple times now! So, finally i went and bought all the stuff for him to do it and yet it is still sitting there, hence this picture that is in my kitchen...

As you can see there is all the stuff in pile on the left, and then we come to project number two! The canvas that is on the right laying against the fridge, that is Hailey and Rhian's birthday present. their birthday was in June! My husband is an awesome artist and he was suppossed to paint this poem thing for their bedroom and it is yes, still sitting here! I cant tell you how many times I have asked him to do these things but i finally gave up! If I could paint, trust me it would have been done on the day of their party! So Girls I promise it will get done someday!

So hopefully I will be able to post pics of both these items all done

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Only a Dream!

So I have finally got some energy back ad am hoping it will stay! The sick part though is still following me around though. I have missed blogging and am excited to get back into it! So I went to do something to get my mind off of being sick!

My mom and I went to the street of dreams this last weekend and it was really cool! She is in the process of building her and my dads, dream home for them and she wanted to go get some cool ideas! We wanted to check out what the latest fads were in kitchens and bathrooms and stuff cause My mom and i are basically doing this all for the first time! So we made it a date day for us, it was really cool!

At first, I have to say it was little hard for me to be in these homes and really believe that people live in these things. It was a little overwhelming to be honest! Really does someone need that big of a house? I guess it is coming from me, who is in her third apartment and is really hoping to get our first home here soon, which will nothing like those mansions! I never expected to ever live in a home like that one but it sure did put things in perspective for me!

So after the second house, I started to turn my jealousy into motivation to do something more in my life than be just a mom. I know that is important especially right now but I cant wait to find something that I'm passionate about to help bring in some income to work towards a goal. It really inspired me to fight and work hard for the things that I want to give my family!

So here is few pics of our fave things there! This one particularly is one my mom and I had good laugh at!

Its an eight person foot massage bath, it was huge and it was of course out on the patio overlooking all of Portland it was pretty awesome!

And here's my cute mom in a really sweet bathroom set up we thought was pretty interesting!

So the conclusion to this is that I will probably never live in something like these homes but Im sure glad that we have opportunities to experience a life we may never know! Thanks mom!