Monday, September 15, 2008

What A Scare!

So Sunday evening came and it was a very chill day after a VERY crazy and stressful week and our family was doing great with getting dinner done at 6, kids bathed, teeth brushed and ready for bed, when Kawika was in Kai's bed reading to her I was folding laundry and putting it all away when I felt really wet! Ya know the weird like OK I'm pregnant, and its wasn't a loose bladder thing, so I went in to the bathroom to "clean up" and the next thing I see is bright red blood and I freaked out! I'm only 16 weeks pregnant and I know blood isn't really a good thing! So I called the doc, and had to go into the ER last night. My mom came over and stayed with the kids and we were on our way, and wow was I scared.

The whole drive there i was numb! So we finally get in and I get the IV, blood tests done, I get a vaginal exam and then an ultrasound done. It was so hard waiting for the ultrasound cause all I wanted to see was the heart beat~So FINALLY we went in and sure enough the baby was kicking around and the I once I saw the heart beat and from there I was good! but still there was no answer for the bleeding. So eventually the doctor came in and told me I have partial placenta previa! Which is when the placenta is laying over the cervix, but they also said the beleeding didn't have anything to do with the Previa! Seriously!? Why isn't there an answer for that? Its kind of annoying!
So I am now on modified bed rest and If you know me, thats not in my vocabulary, Kawika is home today with me to help out and let me rest! So for now I cant do much of anything, that I would like to do! Tomorrow I see the OB doctor and find out some more info on all of this and Ill keep you updated, but if anyone has some advice or info let me know! Its all new to me!