Friday, January 16, 2009

Speaking of Names!

Alright so, this pregnancy has been so different than I ever expected! Im so much more calm, and at ease about everything! Although I have had way more complications this time around than the first two, I am still just so chill about the whole thing! I am gonna be induced on Feb 19th, that is if I don't go on my own earlier than that which I swear will happen! The funny thing is, is that Im so not ready for him to join this world yet, I'm not ready I think because I know what's coming! Its gonna be a little crazy! So besides things I so don't have done yet, I HAVE NO NAME! Heres the low down!

Kawika and I have been over quite a few names over the months, but we cannot come to an agreement! There are a few things that have to be and thats why its been so hard! So our kids names are Hawaiian obviously if you already know us! Kaiahana is actually part hawaiian, Kai means The Sea, in Hawaiian, and then Makani means The Wind! So you would think there would be an easy choice to find the meaning of fire or earth or sky or something, but thats SO NOT THE CASE!

So.... basically the choices have been narrowed down to Makoa which means fearless/warrior/strength!

There is also a very native tree that grows in hawaii that is called the Koa tree so we could go by that also!

or... my mom came up with the name Makawe (its pronounced (MA-KA-V-AY) because the "w" in hawaiian is pronounced "V"

So I would really love any advice, or opinions on these two names because Kawika and I do not agree, or if you know of any cool hawaiian names or meanings that would be awesome too!

so I though I would share and get some feedback from ya"ll! Anything would help!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new names!