Friday, May 30, 2008


I have never been so breathless watching someone dance! Dancing is a huge passion of mine. I used to dance in high school and I coached for a while and there is nothing else in this world that my heart desires to do again more than dance. When I saw this man dance last night I was speechless, I starred with my jaw dropped thinking, THAT IS DANCING! Leaving his heart there on the floor, his technique was impeccable his strength  was unmatchable and he just floated across the floor with such grace! AMAZING! The music he chose was perfect for what he performed, it was...breathtaking! He is my absolute favorite. He better go very far and I cant wait until MIA MICHEALS gets her hands on him! Yeah!!!!!! I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~My Pride & Joy~

So I want to just say how much I love my kids! They are literally the lights of my life! I have never felt more complete in my life. 

Kaiahna is my pride! She is smart, funny, and a total girly girl. She loves dancing, which Im so excited about, and she is my little helper with everything. She loves
 reading and painting like her daddy and she has such an imagination. My favorite time with her is when I just lay in bed with her at night and we just talk about anything and everything, it can be serious or funny but it always makes my heart smile when she opens up to me! I love it when I look at her realize that she is becoming more and more like a little women. She is going to be an amazing wife and mother some day.

And then there is Makani! He is my Joy! I have never laughed so much
watching a child play or smile. He loves me just as much as I love him and he shows me every day! I still treat him like he is my little baby, but I am realizing he is becoming such a person and its so fun to watch him grow.He is my little drummer, he is an amazing golfer just like daddy. He loves to rock out on the guitar and throw a football and I cant wait to see him grow into an amazing man!
All I know is that I love being a mom and I would never exchange it for anything in the world. My kids are getting older and we have so many new things we are going to experience in the near future. I cant wait to see them become adults and I'm so excited to see who they become. God has blessed me with two angels that have brought me great happiness.

Monday, May 26, 2008

~The Beginning~

Well, here it is! My first posting! Im so glad I finally did it! Come back soon for updates and pics!